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Helping buyers and sellers find quality real estate agents

Buying or selling a home is likely the single biggest financial transaction you will ever make. How will you choose who to help with this complex process?

Here are reasons that I have actually heard:

  • “My friend from college is an agent and said he would help me…”
  • “My aunt is an agent, so I’d feel bad not using her…”
  • “My next-door neighbor is an agent…”
  • “I am going to use the guy who brought donuts to our office…”

Can friends, relatives, neighbors and friendly folks make good real estate agents? Of course! But would you pick your CPA, doctor or attorney based on those criteria alone? Probably not.

Experience, market and contract knowledge, communication skills, and a proven track record are just a few characteristics to look for in an agent. How can you tell the difference between a solid Realtor and one who is just good at marketing?

As a dedicated real estate professional, I offer a free service to help you find the right real estate agent for you. 


How I help:

1. Tailored Recommendations: I get to know you, your preferences, and your goals to provide personalized recommendations that match your needs.

2. Extensive Network of Agents: I am connected with wide network of agents nationwide—and know what questions to ask when interviewing them. I will tap into this network and connect you with professionals who have a track record of success in your location and property type.

3. Objective Advice: My primary goal is to ensure you find the right fit. I offer unbiased advice to help you make informed decisions when you choose an agent.

4. Save Time and Effort: Searching for a real estate agent can be time-consuming and overwhelming. I will streamline the process, presenting you with several agents who fit your criteria, saving you valuable time and effort.

Ready to find the right real estate agent for you? 
Whether you are in Richmond, Central Virginia or anywhere in the U.S., contact me for a personalized experience that puts your needs first. (If you are looking to buy or sell in Central Virginia, and we are a good fit for one another, I would be happy to help you. However, I won't hesitate to refer you to another agent if we discern your needs do not  fit my skills and experience.)

I’m in the mortgage banking business…never in my 25 years of business have I encountered such a professional, hard-working team...Stephen H.